Inpage Urdu Pro 3.6X Box Pack

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InPage Professional Balochi Version 3.60 becomes available along with 100% ligature foundation font.

High-quality Naskh lettering that gives you the freedom using an unmatched range of features for the Arabic dialogue (Check it out info)

Auto Kerning function for other Nastaliq fonts

InPage Professional 3.60 Version is likewise available for Mac users

Quran Publishing Product (QPS) Type 3.sixty is available with Search Quranic textual content feature

Automation Kerning as well as Kashish capabilities in Nastaliq textual content to provide a calligrapher style outlook

More than sixty Unicode Naskh Fonts

Direct Unicode Assist along with other computer software

Muhammadi Quranic font is additional

Export Urdu text inside of RTF layout

Direct make great savings just like PDF by using options Mirror and Export and advertise all Text just like Curves

Lead Save As HTML

Point replicate/paste/insert/import of pictures. Option to include as well as/or perhaps even collect for output

Footnote can be added in any hand-picked font

Amazing Urdu vocabulary Spell Supervisor

Assist to obtain extensive Color Split up

Support with regards to Unicode Launch Type Fonts for various languages like Urdu, Arabic and certainly

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