Kaspersky Small Office Security 10+1 License

  • Brand:Kaspersky Lab
  • Product Code: Version -5
  • Availability: In Stock

  • Rs 22,500

Your license covers:

10 Desktops

1 File Server

10 Mobiles

5 Password Managers

Protected For 1 Year

One size doesn’t fit all. Smaller businesses face many of the same cyberthreats as large enterprises. But they don’t have the same resources to deal with them.
And when you’re getting by on a tight budget and without a dedicated IT specialist, you don’t need the extra bells and whistles that typically come with products designed for larger companies.

Kaspersky Small Office Security is designed specifically for very small businesses. Install in under 10 minutes and protect your business from online attacks, financial fraud, ransomware and data loss. Wherever and whenever you work.

Feature-rich security, no fuss Set and forget – cybersecurity anyone can manage

  • Install in under 10 minutes
  • Out-of-box protection
  • Easy to manage online portal and interface –if required
  • Easily mail download links to remote users

System watcher for Windows Server – advancedprotection against ransomware

  • Protect Windows file servers from ransomware and cryptolockers: System Watcher detects and
    blocks malicious activity, and allows the rollback of malicious actions.

Control web usage – reduce time wasting

  • Take control over access to time-wasting or malicious web sites with easy-to-use web controls.

Web and email security

  • Protect your business from malicious attempts to hijack your data or network. Automatically block
    malicious web sites.
  • Search for and remove unwanted/unsafe browser extensions.
  • Block suspicious downloads.
  • Block and filter out spam, phishing mails and mail attachments Special “do not track” functionality to monitor and block websites from tracking online behavior.

Protect sensitive data and privacy

  • Secure sensitive data and protect your business from data breaches, fines and lost business with Backup and Encryption.
  • Data vault provides password-protected storage on your computer to keep sensitive data away from prying eyes.
  • Detect and block unwanted online tracking and secure your webcam from unauthorized access.

Mobile device protection

  • Protect Android-based smartphones and tablets from malware
  • Remote lock, locate and wipe stolen or lost devices.

Password Management

  • Remembers and secures all your passwords –you just have to remember one.
  • Create and securely store new passwords for every site you use.

Many other components to keep you safe

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