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ONSITE, founded in the year 2008, is a renowned IT Security Solution provider company in Pakistan that specialized in information security products & services.
ONSITE is a leading IT Security Solution Provider Company. The major part of the business is located in Lahore, Pakistan. We provide IT Consultancy, Technology Solution Design, Project Implementation & Support Services to various industry verticals including on-site engineers and 24/7 on-site support. We have a BIG team of dedicated and certified engineers on different technology streams like Networking, Security, virtualization, Cloud, and Cyber Security.

We help our clients to meet the challenge of implementing and growing a secure, scalable & reliable enterprise infrastructure platform. Believing that by giving the best consultancy, using the most appropriate technologies, giving absolute commitment to customer satisfaction, we can help our clients to develop and become more successful in their business. We are highly client-oriented and quality-conscious.

Our customer base is made up of a broad range of organizations across a wide range of industry sectors. Since each organization has unique business needs, we specifically design tailored solutions for our clients. The majority of our clients are from SME to large enterprises.

We aim to provide the best services, customer satisfaction, and to keep up the standards of the industry by providing the best services and support at the minimum cost.

Our Teams

With our highly motivated and skilled staff, ONSITE is ready to face future challenges. With extensive knowledge in Cyber Security Solutions, ONSITE Teams propelled the company into a leadership position. Our Engineers, Technicians & Business Developers work hand in hand to achieve the ultimate Quality goal in project execution and fit customer requirements.


“ONSITE” Trade Marks

“ONSITE” Trade Marks is registered under section 22(1), section 84(2); rule 12. Government of Pakistan Intellectual Property Organization.

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