Adfweb CAN / Single Mode Optic Fiber Converter

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Adfweb CAN / Single Mode Optic Fiber – Converter ( Mono-modal fiber, Max lengh fiber link: 10Km ) ( Daisy chain fiber connections allowed: Single Loop, Point to point ), Allow the connection in optical fiber of “Ethernet” and “CAN” and plus the “RS232” and “RS485”, using the 4 connection topology: “Point to Point”, “Single Loop”, “Redundant Loop” and “Multi-Drop”.

  • Possibility to have distributed I/O over Optical Fiber.
  • Possibility of Mapping function: one Input to one or more Outputs.
  • Reading of I/O state through Modbus commands.
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The HD67701 and HD67702 series allow to extend in Optical Fiber every type of serial network RS232 or RS485, CAN (CAN 2.0A, CAN 2.0B, J1939, CANopen, NMEA 2000) or Ethernet (Modbus TCP, PROFINET, TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP, BACnet).
The HD67701 and HD67702 series include a loto of features that make them much more performant than the others optical fiber repeaters:

 Extend six independent networks in the same optical fiber;
 Different connection topologies (Point To Point, Single Loop, Multi-Drop, Double Loop);
 Possibility to transmit I/O over long distance;
 Integrated auto-diagnostic system;
 Possibility to extend the network over long distances;
 Interchangeable optical fiber connectors (different
distances and different optical fiber tipologies);
 High speed communication;
 No voltage drop;
 Big Temperature Range (-40° C – +85° C);
 Total electric insulation.

Communication channels
One of the main characteristics of the series HD67701 and HD67702 is that they can extend up to 6 independent networks on the same optical fiber. Different channels of communication in the same fiber will be created without having to divide the system into several branches.
In particular, it will be possible to extend in the same optical fiber up to:
 4 serial communication systems;
 4 CAN communication systems;
 1 Ethernet communication system.

In other words, at the same time and by the same optical fiber network, it will be possible to extend up to 9 already existing communication networks, including 4 serial (eg 4 Modbus RTU networks), 4 CAN (such as 4 CANopen networks or J1939 a networks


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